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ALLGARD CZ s.r.o. was established in 2013 as a family business. The company’s goal was to built a business based on the integrity of our paint and coating product portfolio and develop relationships with each customer for the fullest satisfaction. Our company always strives to create the best solutions based on the individual requirements of our customers and their needs. In practice, this means evaluating the need of each individual situation in a holistic way.

When we are introduced to a job, we always evaluate all the needs of the customer and the job in a unique way based on the details. We look at all the elements of the task designing the best coating system and application technique. We evaluate all the requirements, the delivery of the paint/coating, and all the accessories needed to complete the job in the best way and to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. Additionally, we make exclusive judgements comprehensively, complete an inspection of the site, and conduct an estimate of the best paint and processing in each individual situation.

​The Company ALLGARD s.r.o. was Established in 2013 as a Family based Company targeting Service Complexity and Individual Customer Approach. One of the Main Targets is our Clients Full Satisfaction.

We always tend to search the best possible solution depending on business & working conditions and specific requirements. It means complex approach of surface protection problematics to provide a complex solution. Considering given and available conditions, requirements and parameters we design suitable coating system for individual purpose, spray equipment supply inclusive full range of spraying accessories, correct paint application process procedure including the painter or operator trainings. We can assess any specific situation in painting processes and provide you by service complexity. Paint processes audits or inspection works are inseparable part our service portfolio. NACE or FROSIO inspectors are available for your service.

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Our expert team will propose the best solution for your particular need and necessary elements for the best results.


We will gladly present the complete proposal and showcase the application of the paint/coating on the job. This will ensure that you, as the customer, will be fully satisfied and agree on the proposal to complete the job uniquely designed for your specific needs.


Before the coating system or spray equipment will be implemented to your production plant, your operators will be trained by our technical specialists. This will ensure that the whole process and coating application will bea in accordance with the specification and follow the quality management system of our product.


Our large tinting center is located in Sternberg in the district of Olomouc. Our service center allows us to supply our customers in a fast and flexible way. We strive to create quick and flexible supply and have enough reserves supply and have reserves of our product in order to please our customers, this way, we have enough supply to quickly meet the needs of our customers.

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